NEW: The NORM X solution series continues to grow! With focus on 2023…

New solutions for NORM X: ISO 9001 and ISO 21434

Start the new year with NORM X solutions for ISO 9001 & ISO 21434 and strengthen your cybersecurity or quality management.

NORM X for ISO 21434
Just like TISAX®, ISO 21434 is also a safety standard for the automotive industry. In response to requests from our TISAX® customers, we have been working intensively over the past few weeks to offer them this standard as a supplement to TISAX® as soon as possible. The certification offers your company many advantages:

NORM X for ISO 9001
We have also progressed in the field of quality management and now offer our customers the NORM X for ISO 9001. This norm is a global standard for quality management systems, with which companies can prove a quality striving and standard. The following advantages result for your company:

FOCUS ON 2023...

Even in the new year, we will not take a break and are already working for you on new solutions. In February the solution for the Supply Chain Protection Act will be available. Stay tuned to see what else will follow…! In any case, we are looking forward to an exciting 2023.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. Contact us by phone or mail or simply make an appointment of your choice via the Calendly tool.

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