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NORM X – On the fast track to TISAX® assessment

Innovative. Automated. Flexible. Qualified.

NormX_Logo_Wide_White TISAX ISO 27001 B3S-Sicherheitsstandard
NORM X – On the fast track to TISAX® assessment

Innovative. Automated. Flexible. Qualified.


Are you a supplier or service provider to the automotive industry? To secure your future business opportunities, you should urgently acquire a so-called TISAX® certification* by 2023. This is a recognized certification of your information security standards. Often the TISAX® certification involves many months and high costs, which is why we have developed our “Norm X” software solution!

NORM X guides your company to the TISAX® assessment with the help of automated processes, checklists and instructions. If you have any questions, an ISEGRIM X Information Security Officer (IX ISO) from our company is also available to support you on your way.

What is TISAX®?

TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange). It enables your company in the automotive industry to share your information security assessment results with other participants or potential business partners of the industry.

Why is TISAX® important to your business?

If you are a service provider or supplier in the automotive industry, you will be asked by your business partners to provide your information security audit results of the TISAX® Audit. If you do not have a TISAX® certification and are not yet on the path to the assessment, your business partners will no longer consider you as a potential supplier. So, completing the TISAX® Assessment is essential for your company to continue to be successful in the automotive industry.


TISAX® Certifications worldwide

TISAX®: Procedure &

Challenges of the classic TISAX® process.

TISAX® certification requires, among other things, an information security management system. However, if they have no or little experience with the introduction and operation of an information security management system (ISMS), most companies resort to external help.

Hiring a traditional IT consulting firm or system house for TISAX® certification is often very costly and time-consuming. On average, you should expect the following:

The solution:

What is NORM X and what is its advantage?

Our NORM X software solution puts you on the fast track to TISAX® assessment quickly and cost-effectively.
Our NORM X is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and thus on automated processes. This, in turn, allows you to go through the entire path to TISAX® assessment with correspondingly less manpower and time. In addition to the software, checklists and instructions, a certified ISEGRIM X Information Security Officer (IX ISB) is available to support you with his expertise via telephone or video call.

Our offer

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NORM X – On the fast track to TISAX® assessment

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We have summarized everything important about our solution for you in a document. You can easily request this document by e-mail.

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