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Partnership between IDVS & ISEGRIM X

NEW! ISEGRIM X achieves partnership with cyber insurance expert IDVS

Our ISEGRIM X wolf pack is very pleased to welcome the IDVS team, under the leadership of Sabrina and Bernhard Altschäffel, as our insurance partner. With its insurance portfolio, IDVS offers optimized protection against the consequences of IT and cyber risks.

IDVS relies on the information security risk assessment by our ISEGRIM X experts. Thus, as an ISEGRIM X customer, you can now enjoy the optimal, customized cyber insurance protection advised and arranged by the IDVS.

Portrait Altschäffel IDVS-min
Bernhard Altschäffel, IDVS

“I am convinced that with the partnership between ISEGRIM X and IDVS we have created a synergy that will really benefit everyone – but especially our customers. Through the collaboration of our experts, customers will receive individual, customized insurance coverage that is tailored to the needs of their company and their industry. Especially in the current circumstances, IT and cyber security are more important than ever, which is why we are pleased to make our joint contribution to a secure digital tomorrow!” – says Bernhard Altschäffel.

Best protection! With IDVS & ISEGRIM X®...

IX Cyber Insurance

We guide you and your employees through a practice-oriented prevention program and create an individual crisis plan for your company. In the event of damage, we work with the experts of IDVS to provide immediate assistance and restore your IT systems. Our insurance partners take care of a fast and efficient claim settlement.